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Digital projects have a lot of components to consider and managing them can be a full-time job. In fact, it’s our full-time job.
We take care of digital projects, managing different teams and collaborators so that your project doesn’t become your job.

Our Approach

Our experience conducting digital services has shown an ongoing theme in the industry – projects that blow over budget and run way over time due to poor management. When clients are expected to collaborate with designers, developers, marketers AND still run their own business, the result is often an unfinished project, not benefitting anyone.

As Digital Project Managers, we have the best people in the industry with skills ranging across the digital landscape to deliver thorough solutions. We stay on top of the project so you can focus on your business.

Our Advantage


Hourly Billing

No bloated, fixed-price projects. We only bill for the hours it takes to get the work done so you stay within your budget.

Scope Control

Dedicated Project Management means your services will be delivered on time and within the scope of the project brief.

Holistic Management

One point of contact for all your digital business projects. We correspond with all parties and supervise all work so you don’t have to.

Partnership Building

More than ‘set-and-forget’ solutions – we carefully pick clients we want to build ongoing, meaningful partnerships with.

Our People

Our team has experience in various sectors of the digital workforce. They are well-versed in a variety of digital disciplines and are equipped to serve clients as a full-service creative agency – providing complete online solutions under one roof.

We’ve worked with businesses of different sizes and from every industry imaginable. The one theme that connects them all is a critical shortage of time.

In this ever-digitizing business environment, the challenges of going digital and the advantages it brings, are a necessity for many business owners. However, no one can handle all the work required – nor would they want to. That’s why we use our digital project management skills to help business owners take control of their own time and help them realise their potential in the online marketplace.

Our Directors

Karl Tercel Kudo Digital Co-Founder/Director

Karl Tercel

Co-Founder | Auckland NEW ZEALAND

Shawn O'Hara Kudo Digital Co-Founder/Director

Shawn O’Hara

Co-Founder | Vancouver CANADA

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